New contracts in solar energy promises 5 times cheaper electricity than nuclear

New contract to supply electricity via solar power in Abu Dhabi is nearly 5 times cheaper now per MW/h, than that guaranteed to the builders of the new Hinckley Point Nuclear power station.
And solar is only set to continue its rapid cost reduction as the UKs new nuclear plant electricity cost will stay flat for over 1/3 century. It may be cheaper to build a solar farm/molten salt storage facility in North Africa and run a cable and cash in with a phoney nuclear plant in the UK!

«The latest record is an incredibly low bid of 2.42 cents / kwh solar electricity in Abu Dhabi. That is an unsubsidized price.»

«The solar bid in Abu Dhabi is not just the cheapest solar power contract ever signed – it’s the cheapest contract for electricity ever signed, anywhere on planet earth, using any technology.»


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